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How it works

''i had no budget to higher a lawyer therefore decided to seek help in going to court my self. Right Legal Advice provided me one hour for counselling and explained all in steps with a freindly reading hand out and also helped in drafting some document for this purpose, thanx a bunch'' -  Robert (Didsbury)

If you think you are not in a position to engage a lawyer or would like to represent yourself in court, than seeking advice is very important and most helpful. As you can always represent yourself in court and even your friend on your behalf (as per Mckenzie Friend case law)

We at Right Legal Advice provide ;

a. 1 hour one to one live session to explain you the steps/procedure before going to court procedings, in the court

    and after the court's decision.

b. You will be provided with friendly readable points notes.

c.  Help with legal documents drafting.

d. And always your follow up questions.

For all above stated service we charge a nominal single fee.  For more information and service please fill the form below.

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